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Remodeling Process

Turning Your Dream Into A Beautiful Space

We have found that for remodeling projects, a structured process best meets our client’s needs. In order to provide this, we have developed the CC Advantage Remodeling Process. This process ensures you an enjoyable, easy to follow, and complete service. We have also found that individual clients may have unique situations and we are always happy to adjust our process to meet your needs.
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Initial Consultation

We meet with you to get a complete understanding of your project, vision, and goals. We tour the space, then take pictures and measurements. The scope of work and a ballpark budget is discussed. Style and materials are discussed. Usually within a few days after the Initial Consultation we will email you a complete scope of work and estimate, often with a couple of options. If you don't contact us first, we will call you within a few days to answer any questions and to schedule the Initial Planning Meeting.

Initial Planning Meeting

We review an initial scope of work and budget. If the design process is likely to take extended planning, then a Design Agreement is signed and fee is collected. A comprehensive site survey of your home is performed. Exact measurements of the space are taken. We explore design options and make refinements until you are completely satisfied. The design and budget is refined based on your input. The product selections are discussed and some selections made. A timeline for other product selections are discussed. An additional planning meeting(s) may be necessary and a time will be set for the meeting(s).

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Final Design & Budget Review

This is where we present you a final design package including project drawings, product selections, and budget. Minor refinements are made. Project and product selection timelines are provided to you. Start and completion dates are set. The Service Agreement is signed.

Pre-Construction Meeting

Occurs after completing the behind-the-scenes preparations, like ordering materials, coordinating helpers and sub-contractors, and obtaining permits. We will verify the job schedule, daily start and stop times, communication, key client dates (vacations, etc.), pick up keys, etc..

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Your project begins on the scheduled start-date. You are kept informed throughout the entire process. We work every day to ensure quality work and a timely completion. You and your home are treated professionally and conscientiously, and disruption is kept to a minimum. After the demolition is completed, we discuss any additional issues that are discovered. We always attempt to discover all unforeseen work at this time, so there are minimal surprises during the course of the remodel.


We do our best to complete projects on time, but will always spend the time necessary to ensure the work meets our high standards. Once completed, a Final Walk-through is performed. The Final Paperwork is presented, including all owners’ manuals and warranty information.

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After Completion

All remodels carry at least a one-year warranty so your home may experience an entire set of season changes. We ask you to immediately call us if you observe any issues, especially any caulk separating or other waterproofing issues. In addition, we offer a 5-year warranty on all structural and electrical workmanship. We are proud to have a low rate of warranty claims, because of our attention to detail and use of quality materials. We always respond immediately to ensure your complete satisfaction.

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