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Business Opportunities

We are now looking for persons to Partner with to expand operations. The right persons will have $100,000-$2,000,000 in capital, a desire to be a part of a property development partnership, and a desire to earn a share of those profits (10-20% or more per year). The property development company will purchase, remodel, and sell or lease residential properties. We will take advantage of multiple acquisition and financing techniques to leverage our resources.


We are not looking for strictly Investors at this time. The Partners will have at least a minimal involvement in operations. We are looking for two types of Partners. Kirk Copple will act as one General Partner and be responsible for managing the business and all construction activities. We are looking for one more General Partner who is a licensed Real Estate Agent or Broker, with experience in business operations. This person will be responsible for daily operations of the business and all real estate activities. One or multiple Limited Partners will review property acquisition reports developed by the General Partners and vote on whether to acquire each property. All Partners will vote on Partnership-related issues or major business decisions.


Anyone interested in this opportunity please Contact Us so we may have a preliminary discussion. We have a full business plan with financial documents.  We are ready to begin operations in 2023.  

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