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Our Services

Whether it is a bathroom, a kitchen, or making any other part of your home new again, we are your best choice when it's time for your next remodel. We follow building codes and best practices, we have increased standards for some home systems, and deliver a clean finish you will be happy to show your friends.

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We offer home improvements and repairs to many home systems including:

  •    Framing 

  •    Finished Carpentry

  •    Doors & Windows

  •    Decks & Exterior Trim

  •    Residential Electrical

  •    Residential Plumbing

  •    Painting

  •    Drywall

  •    . . . plus many more


We can bring in specialists for the work we do not do ourselves, or refer you to the right person for you to contact yourself. 

Contact Us today to schedule an initial consultation! 

Home Inspections

Kirk Copple is a licensed home inspector as well as a real estate agent and builder, so we offer home inspections for pre-sale, annual inspections, and home improvement inspections. After two decades in residential remodeling and repairs, plus extensive specialized training and continuing education, he has the experience and knowledge you can trust to give you the information on a property which you need to make a decision. Inspections are done through a subsidiary, MasterSpect Inspection Services.

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Construction Agency

For larger projects, homeowners may become overwhelmed with the complexity of the process, all the choices they must make, and number of people with whom they must coordinate. For those busy people who need someone to take care of much of that for them, a Construction Agent is ideal. This is the one person in the process you can 100% trust is on your side because they have fiduciary duty to act in their client's best interest. Contact Us today to find out if Construction Agency is right for your next project!

Construction Workers


Residential Electrical & Structured Wiring

  • New & Existing

  • Low Voltage Wiring

  • Heavy Ups / Panels

  • Troubleshooting

  • Repair & Refresh Services

Properties with Special Needs 

  • Beach Houses

  • Structural Brick Houses

  • Historic Home Renovations

  • Challenging Projects

  • Unusual Issues

Structural Wood & Water Repairs

  • Framing Repairs

  • Wood Rot Repairs

  • Water Damage Repairs

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