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Other Projects

1. Basement Remodel in a 150-year old Structural-Brick Rowhouse

We are well experienced doing basement remodels and the many issues that involves. The same moisture and water issues are common in crawl spaces as well. In a Hot-Humid Environment like Coastal South Carolina, water and humidity should be actively handled in any project affecting the exterior envelope of the home.

2. Porch Repairs on 100-year old Porches with Built-in Gutters

Porches are often neglected until there is rot in beams and other framing. We are experts at repairing wood rot and wood structural issues. We use a combination of replacement, reinforcement, patching, stabilizing, and other repair techniques to provide the best repair for your situation.

3. Outdoor Shower

Outdoor showers are not just for beach houses, but are most common along the coast. These are fun projects for us. We can design and build anything from a simple foot wash, to a showering oasis.

4. Repair & Refresh

We offer a service which we call the Repair & Refresh. People can be surprised at how for relatively little money, a living space can be updated to look brand new again. Deep cleaning, New caulk, Paint & flooring, New electrical & plumbing fixtures., Fix all the little things. We have provided this service for dozens of properties. Some as a second life to the home they plan to stay in, but many are for sellers or landlords looking to put their property on the market. We have the experience to provide you sound advice on what work brings the best return on investment.

5. Add a Closet

Adding a closet to house can be a lot simpler in some places. This place had a odd recessed area in a basement under a bowed window above. Perfect spot to add a closet. Finished off with a shelf and clothes rod. The homeowners did the final painting.

6. Patio

While not our normal type of project, we took on a patio project for a regular client. We love interesting project ideas and had a pleasure making it happen. We had to clear out a bunch of brush and level out the old mini-dune from before the beach reclamation project. Landscaping fabric under pavers surrounded by clam shells. Railroad ties to surround the patio. Since the ground at the end of the stairs dropped a foot when regrading, an extra step and platform were added. Landscape lights add a beautiful aura at night. This provided a great way to reclaim the beachside yard and provide a functional space for the owners and their guests.

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