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Remodeling Standards

Creating Long-lasting Functional Spaces

Copple Construction, LLC is dedicated to providing quality remodeling services at reasonable rates. We consider cost versus function and longevity, for each component in the home. With a small additional cost, we have found the increased performance and longevity of certain materials and techniques almost always make sense to include during any remodel.


We have chosen our Remodeling Standards in an effort to provide the lowest cost over the long term, while still keeping the current remodel cost at a reasonable rate. Lower long term costs are achieved through less maintenance, fewer repairs, longer usable life span, lower utility costs, and/or better function. Our system exceeds the industry standard quality. During the Design Phase, we will discuss additional component upgrades which may be right for your project. 


As a Licensed Residential Builder we have been tested by the state to ensure our understanding of the systems in a building. We have completed several state, federal, industry, and manufacturer trainings. We use this understanding of how building components work together and the best way to transition from old to new, in order to ensure every component performs properly when combined. We pay particular attention to structural components, moisture management, air quality, and transitions. We use our experience with design to bring together your space into a fully functional, smooth flowing, and great looking area.

Building Component
Industry Standard
Our Standard
Drywall - Joint Compound
1 coat All-purpose & 1 coat Lightweight, or 2 coats of Lightweight compound
1 coat of Durabond & 2 coats of Lightweight compound
Less chance of cracks developing
Drywall - Ceiling
1/2" thick on ceiling
5/8" thick on ceiling
Less chance of sagging
Drywall - Moisture Resistant
Green board (only paper is moisture resistant)
Purple board (paper and core is moisture resistant)
Less chance of water damage
Wood Studs
Air-dried Studs
Kiln-dried Studs
Less warping after framing
Structural Framing Sizing
To code minimums
Any framing sizing close to its maximum span is increased to the next size up
Less deflection, more solid feel
Screws, Nails, & Adhesive
Less than code attachment schedule minimums
Screw, Nail, & Adhesive schedules are followed
Less chance of creaks and cracks
Often a fast setting type is used for everything, so grout can be done the same day.
Properly matched to substrate, moisture conditions, and tile. Fast-set type only used for small repairs.
Stronger bond and less chance of tile coming loose in the future
Cheap grout (tendency to crack/flake more easily)
Laticrete Permacolor (very hard and stable after setting)
Less chance of grout cracking or falling out of the joint
Tile Subfloor Thickness
1-1/4" minimum
Less chance of tile and grout cracking
Tile Underlayment
Directly on concrete, plywood, or cement board
Schluter Ditra on concrete or plywood; Kerdi on cement board
Ensures a waterproof wall or floor and allows substrate and tile to expand independently
Insulation - Walls
R-19 if possible
Lower utility bills More consistent temp
Insulation - Attic
Lower utility bills More consistent temp
Fire Blocking only
Fire Blocking w/ Air Sealing
Interior Wall - Soundproofing
1 sheet of ½” drywall
Bedrooms & media rooms with extra soundproofing
Quieter - More enjoyable living spaces
Bedroom Doors
Solid-core or solid wood
Quieter - More enjoyable living spaces
Caulk - Interior
Cheap latex caulk
Siliconized latex caulk or OSI
Longer-lasting. Less chance of cracking or separating
Caulk - Exterior
Cheap latex caulk
OSI or Lexel
Longer-lasting. Less chance of cracking or separating
Recessed Lights
Halo, Juno, Other big box brands
Lightolier professional quality
Longer lasting, less trouble, and wider selection of trims/bulbs
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